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If there is a simple, easy principle that binds everything I have done together, it is my interest in people and their relationship to things.
— Bill Moggridge, co-founder of IDEO

I am consciously trying to build a fruitful life and body of work by focusing on creating more (projects, collaborations, experiences, friendships) and consuming less (products, content, news, negativity). 

This "Create More, Consume Less" credo has manifested itself in VICENZI (designing and executing the best blazers and a circular supply chain), the Sustainable Fashion Circle, #NoNewStuff challenge, various writing and podcasts, DIY and repair projects, clothing swaps, vintage hauls, and sporadic road trips and international misadventures with family and friends – all on a shoestring, bootstrapped budget and generally without a map.

Along the way, I have become obsessed with preserving and singing the praises of nature's integrity and ingenuity, and with connecting people through our shared experiences and our shared belongings.

To those reading this far, I hope we meet some day and swap stories. Until then, rest easy knowing you are enough. You have enough. I don’t believe in giving advice, I believe in following your instincts and starting as soon as possible because the world is changing faster than we can keep up. And your instincts will trump other people’s advice every single time, even if it takes longer than we’d like to see how that’s true.

We will never be able to keep up, but we do have a choice to keep going. I hope you choose this every day. That is the only rule I follow. Keep Going.

Think forward—


Selected Works

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VICENZI: Blazer Nº1

The result of nearly two years of inquiry, development, and refinement, Blazer Nº1 is the ultimate foundation garment for women of the world. Designed to flatter and move comfortably with your body. Made from natural, renewable materials. Produced in limited runs with a family-owned factory in NYC. We are proud to pioneer an unbeatable buyback guarantee to ensure garments are kept in wardrobes, not landfills. This project has taught me about starting a business, building a supply chain, P&L and prioritizing decisions and creative ideas, the environmental impacts of our consumption patterns, as well as fostering a caring and collaborative ecosystem with customers, partners, and the community.


Sustainable Fashion Circle

An open and friendly community based in NYC (the Fashion Capital of the World), with a shared interest in improving the fashion chain, from responsible production, to project-based upcycling, to social awareness-meets-action campaigns. Join us for our next meetup.



A challenge to refocus our consumption mindset, simplify our lifestyles, and employ creative alternatives to find what we need. Participants choose how long the challenge will last, we can set you up with a 30-day trial period to kickstart healthy habits.

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raw material

An experiment in sharing what happens when you narrow in on an idea to start something that matters. Podcasts, research, failed business applications, unfiltered notes on personal reinvention.


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