Part 1: Debunking

allison vicenzi

I’ve talked to hundreds of women in the past two years about their wardrobes; wants, needs and desires, frustrations. The main complaints related to conscious consumption shifts are as follows: "I want to shop sustainably but it’s too hard, daunting" or "I’m not sure where to go" or "I want to shop sustainably and ethically but it’s too expensive for me right now."

"How can I trust these new brands?"

"It’s not convenient."

I feel my job on this earth right now is to help debunk these myths and help you and your friends develop a wardrobe that allows you to look good, feel good, express your style, personality, and your values on a relatively similar budget to how you are shopping now. Ethical fashion brands are one avenue, but only the tip of the iceberg in creating more thoughtful and eco-friendly shopping habits.

Consider this Part 1 of an ongoing series to be released throughout the coming months. We take it further and discuss our slow-fast-slow sustainability journey/experiment in the lastest episode of Consumering, “How to be more sustainably-minded.” Listen on your favorite podcast platform through the link below.

Did you know? January, April, July, and October are our quadannual #NoNewStuff challenge months. Sign up over on that page for a guided challenge. We keep accountability together through direct e-mails, packed with resources and reflection prompts.

Join us if you’re curious!

Comment below with any questions or observations; we will read every comment to ensure our Notes hit everything you want to know, and maybe even the stuff you’re afraid to ask.

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