• Please note: Blazer Nº1 is a garment made from fine materials. Quality natural materials are softer and more delicate than synthetics (hence why polyester and other synthetic fibers take over 10X as long to decompose). We will work with you to preserve your clothing investments. (After all, that's the Italian way!)

  • Professional Dry Clean only. We recommend using organic/"green" cleaners and showing the garment care tags (located inside interior pocket).

    • Green dry cleaning estimate: $12–$15

    • You can ask for "Press Only" if you are looking for fresh press without cleaning agents

    • Ask the cleaner to cover shell buttons with foil for extra breakage protection (typically no extra charge)

    • Ask questions! Your local cleaner holds a wealth of knowledge about handling all types of garments. (If not, you might want to find another cleaner.)

  • To extend wearability before professional cleaning, we recommend the following nontoxic and biodegradable products from our expert friends at The Laundress:

    • Wool & Cashmere Spray

  • Questions or concerns? Please drop us a note.