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Tidying Up: the Marie Kondo effect & how might we make KonMari more sustainable?

  • Brooklyn Roasting Co. 50 West 23rd Street New York, NY, 10010 United States (map)

We suspect you've heard about organization guru Marie Kondo by now, and with your unique interests in sustainability and fashion, you might be experiencing an influx of articles and tagged posts related to the book and show recently. How does that make you feel? What do you wish were different? Are you (like us) worried that all these well-intentioned thrift store donations are just going to go straight to the landfill?!!

Let's get together at this month's meetup for a group discussion about the growing movement to "Tidy Up" and purge closets. How we might use this opportunity to have a fruitful discussion with our communities about sustainability and making space for lasting, positive, habitual change to mindset and behavior? How might we make Tidying work for all types of styles and budgets, beyond Minimalist?

We will be joined by Asuka Cali, a personal style consultant and closet stylist. We will hear about her organization process and colorful experiences working in this industry, how to keep things neat after the clearout, challenges and struggles, and what her clients discover about themselves through the process.

Through this meetup, we aim to equip ourselves with ideas, conversation tidbits, and action points to connect the declutter movement to sustainable fashion and help people achieve feel-good closet status that truly lasts!

*Please note the timing as this is SFC's first Morning Meetup! We'd love to meet some of you who haven't been able to join for an evening event, and hope to see some familiar faces as well!*

Goals for this Meetup:

- Cathartic: Set an intention for the day/weekend related to decluttering your wardrobe, schedule, and/or mind
- Level-Up: Asuka Cali, a personal style consultant and closet stylist (and long time SFC Member!) will talk about her experience, best practices for closet clearout, challenges, and share group resources related to maintaining sustainable wardrobes
- Practical: bring 1-2 clothes, we will learn how to fold them KonMari-style
- Reflective: Watch a Netflix episode, read a chapter from Marie Kondo's book ahead of time to share your reactions with the group (suggested but not required)
- Connection: Meet someone you haven't before, or connect deeper with an acquaintance, to strengthen our bonds as the sustainable fashion community for NYC


Asuka Cali is a personal style consultant and closet stylist based in NYC by way of Japan. Asuka began her career in styling to help women to achieve their goals and dreams with her passion for thoughtful design and ethical manufacturing. She is providing sustainable options for wardrobe and organizing, including locally made, Fair Trade, organic, upcycled, zero waste, charitable, and vintage clothing and accessories. Asuka’s expertise and editorial work is called upon by a range of fashion startups and private clients looking to elevate their look and evolve their style sustainably. She frequently shares styling tips and event recaps on her website and social media.

Asuka Cali

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