VICENZI is an independent clothing brand stationed in New York City, established in 2018. More than this, it’s an ongoing experiment in believing in yourself.

We are prototyping new business models and open source projects to promote reuse and individual creativity. Learn more.

We started with Blazer Nº1. See how people wear it.

Follow along and tell us what to make and remake next →



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Create garments to make women feel and live their best – focused on fit, comfort, and enduring style. We believe elegance is beauty from simplicity.


Minimize the carbon footprint of our garments at every stage in the product life cycle, from design to manufacturing to reuse in new markets.


Connect and engage with a mindful community, through local events and online conversations centered around sustainability and collaboration.


Empower the next generation of makers and dreamers through garment donations and project-based scholarships.