Replay Trading Co.

@replayusa is a creative reuse community and network of designers, projects, and places dedicated to keeping great things in play.


We're always sourcing! Anyone can provide materials for REPLAY:

  • ITEMS to REPLAY - we look for natural materials (linen, hemp, cotton, silk, wool, tencel), quality construction, interesting details ~ everything secondhand with potential for upcycling. We accept damaged items - everything AS IS, no need to repair before sending.

  • FABRICS / TEXTILES to REPLAY - 100% natural materials preferred; some exceptions made on case-by-case basis. Examples: tablecloths, napkins, left over fabric and rolls. Anything larger than 1" square could be replayed.


  • DESIGNER / MAKER for the REPLAY FRIENDS DIRECTORY - must be committed to sustainability and quality/durability to sell on the REPLAY site

  • TAILORS, REPAIRISTS, SEWERS and SEAMSTRESSES able to alter, recraft, redesign clothing (paid positions)

  • WE NEED CONTENT! DIY videos and how-to posts for the REPLAY BLOG (published creators are paid)

  • WILDCARD IDEAS: nothing is off limits in the replay economy – share what's on your mind

Kindly fill out all form fields, including link(s) and relevant information in your message body. You may submit more than one resource or idea per form.